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Cynthia Farnsworth
07/15/2009 10:46

ARTS101 is excited to announce the opening of our first program exhibition!
On Friday, July 17th from 6-9pm as well as Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th from 12-5pm we'll have our studio open and several of our artists will be showing their work.
The artists included in the show are: Safi Arnold, Melanie Bond, Scott Bowering, Tyler Dale, Jamie Dolinko, Kyle Duske, Serenity Friesen, Michelle Kuen Suet Fung, Sam Glennie, Chris Meyer, Tondela Myles, Jonah Ocean, Megan Taylor, John Vaneltsi, and Tara Vickers.
Please join us at our studio at the Plaza of Nations: 750 Pacific Boulevard, 2nd floor.


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    There are three kinds of people who hang out at ARTS101: Project Staff, Artist Mentors, & Young Artists. They will all contribute here at one time or another.


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